Domestic Rubbish Removal | London

That is Rubbish handle just about everything that a modern London household may possess. We will undertake complete house clearances where we take responsibility for the rubbish removal of the entire household.

When we visit your homes we are always careful in the way we work. We will always discuss with you how we will do the job. This is important when there may be limited access or where you live in a multi-storied building.

What we ask of you is that your junk is clearly identified and that in the case of equipment/machinery that it has been properly disconnected from the electrical/gas/water supplies.

We will always endeavor to accommodate you by visiting at times which suit your household timetable and will will always be totally respectful of your home. This way we hope to cause minimum disruption to your daily life during the rubbish removal process.

Your junk may be furniture, kitchen goods, appliances, clothes, soft furnishings, toys etc. You may also have glass, plastics, papers and packaging materials.

Gardens, sheds and garages also tend to be the ultimate destination of household junk on its journey through the home. Consequently, this means that the junk is a mixture of toys, furniture, electrical items, domestic goods, tools, old garden furniture and equipment and just about everything else that a modern home can generate. This may appear formidable – but we can cope. A good clearance can transform your garden and home space by creating lots of usable space. In London this has been proven to significantly raise the value of your overall property.

Our first objective will be to work with our recycling partners, using licensed landfill as a last resort. Being responsible citizens and caring for the environment is an extra benefit of using That is Rubbish.

Be wise – use That is Rubbish for all your rubbish collection needs in London.

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